​SWISSH & GO LAUNDRY Reviews & Testimonials

Wow!!! This was a laundromat like I have never experienced before! First off, I called before I went to ask if they only took quarters or if they had a card system in place. The owner, Carlton, answered the phone and he was so cheerful and had such a great personality. He explained that they had a pay system where you could either use their kiosk or download an app (The Laundry Boss) to pay. This was such great news for me because I hate having to get quarters and even if there are coin machines at places, sometimes they run out. I got there and met Carlton and Omar (the attendant) and they walked me through the process and helped me pick the best machine. It was super clean inside and Omar was continuously cleaning which was nice to see during the time of COVID-19. I will definitely be coming back here! Give them a try!

Oh my gosh, this is a top rate company with extremely reasonable rates. I had a quilt and a down comforter that needed to be laundered. Spoke with Colton, the owner. He was so delightful to deal with. With free pick up and delivery during this pandemic, I was so relieved. We are high very risk, and going out in this time of Covid 19 is a tremendous challenge, and dangerous for us. We needed the bedding laundered. Colton said he would be right over. He picked up the items 15 minutes later, and returned them in the afternoon smelling fresh and looking great. If it weren't for Covid, I would have hugged him. I love dealing with honest people who have a pride in their work. I highly recommend this company. No surprise they have a 5 star rating.

I can't thank Carlton enough!!! I went a few weeks back after a camping trip and man did I have a lot of stuff (even a comforter)! I called Carlton one morning asking him how soon I could drop off my laundry and he was ready right then and there! I came in, got my receipt, and by lunch time everything was finished. Now don't tell my nana this but I don't think I have ever seen my clothes cleaner; my white comforter was so white I felt guilty letting my dog near it for a week! Did I also mention how affordable this was as well? For the amount of clothes, linen, and miscellaneous items I brought and for the quality of service I received I expected to pay three times than what I did. Carlton, I can't thank you enough not only for the help during a stressful day but for your kindness, hospitality, and care!

Impressed!!!! Came here today to wash some clothes & had a really good experience. The guy that runs this place (possibly the owner) was helpful, friendly & aware of all of his clients in the place. Everything was clean and I felt very comfortable THX AGAIN !!!

Very accommodating service and fair prices. They came and picked up my clothes (about 2 weeks worth) and had everything back nice and neat all while I was gone for work for less than $50. No hassle, great service, will use again.

What a great experience ! The owner, Carlton is one amazing dude. I can't wait for him to start his YouTube channel. This place is clean and I got my clothes super clean. Come support your local! They even have Wi-Fi and ac!! Love you guys !! 😘

I used this service several times after my washing machine broke. I was pleasantly surprised with the excellent experience. Laundry was picked up on time and delivered back to my house on time, as requested. Clothes were clean and smelled great. The online process to request laundry service was easy and making a payment was simple. Great price for the quality. I highly recommend this company.